Understanding Your Cat Body Language And Cat Communication

(2020 Update)

A happy cat equals a happy cat parent. We all want their happiness, health and wellness. That’s why it pays off to understand cat body language and cat behavior meaning by reading and understanding some of the clues.

So whether you’re a first time cat parent or have been taking care of a cat for a while, you probably need some information on what their body language and behavior are trying to say. Come on and let’s understand what they are thinking as their cat body language reveals.

Cat Communication: Reading The Cat Sign Language

These cats use different signals, including vocalizations, facial expressions and body postures when trying to say something that they’re hoping you could understand. Even if their lingo is a total foreign language, you can slowly but surely learn how to decipher and penetrate their thoughts.

Understanding Cat Body Language And Cat Communication
How To Communicate With Your Cat - The Cat Language Bible Review

Perhaps, you may be wondering what has changed his behavior and what it could mean. And at times, you probably want to know if he’s happy or not. Here are some signs to check:

When Focused

  • His pupils are narrowed.
  • As stalking, his body might be low to the ground, while his hind legs are coiled under his body.
  • If you’re the focus, he might be rubbing against you while his tail is held up in the air.
  • His whisker can be pricking forward and his body is angled or is to the direction of his focus object or person.

When Relaxed, Content and Feeling Comfortable

  • He could be curled up into a ball or stretched out.
  • His eyes might be half-closed or blinking gently.
  • His ears are relaxed while being held forward and upright, but they could also be swiveling around if your pet is trying to listen to the surroundings.
  • He could also lying down on front while their paws are tucked underneath him.

When Anxious

  • He’s not blinking with eyes open this time and his pupils are dilated into a circle or an oval.
  • If very anxious, your feline friend might even try flattening back to his head.
  • His head will start lowering while his whiskers are pulled back to his sides to appear non-threatening and smaller. His whiskers might also be swept forward to show alert.
  • He might start to cover as his depressive thought or anxiety progresses. Sometimes, he might be preparing to run, as shown by his arched back.

When Frustrated

  • Understand cat expressions by knowing when your pet is frustrated. For one, his eyes will be open and his pupils are dilated. His whiskers are also spread and forward pointing and his ears are forward.
  • If not getting what he wants, he can also pace impatiently.
Understanding Cat Body Language And Cat Communication

When Happy

  • He’s upright and relaxed if he’s sitting with his ears pointed forward and up. His ears can also be swiveling gently to the direction of familiar sounds like the voice of your kid.
  • His tail is still and whiskers are relaxed. These can also be held high but with a little curl to say hello to you if he’s standing.
  • He will gently purr, with eyes closed as a sign of contentment if you stroke him.
  • He may snooze with eyes half open, closed, or may look heavy-lidded just like the look of someone who’s daydreaming. If your pet is blinking slowly, you may want to blink back slowly showing him you’re happy and relaxed, too, one of the best ways on how to communicate with cats.

When Scared

  • His ears are flattened back against his head.
  • At close threats, he may hiss or spit. He might also strike with his claws or growl.
  • To make himself appear taller, he might also try straightening his legs. In some cases, he might also try arching his back or fluffing himself up to appear larger.
  • His tail might be under his body, or it might be slashing from side to side.
  • His eyes might be wide open, while his whiskers are bristling or flattened and his pupils are dilated.

When Angry

  • He is rigid with his tail curled around and under his body or it may be held out straight and stiff.
  • He’s trying to appear threatening and trying to look larger with legs stiff front and erected fur.
  • He’s not acting normal – can be growling, silent or hissing.

When Relieved

  • He can make a full body stretch to show relief.
  • Your cat may also have a good wash.
  • Most of his body parts are obviously relaxed, and these include his body, ears and head.
  • Some cats can also turn away with their eyes half closed.
  • He may also yawn at times.
Understanding Cat Body Language And Cat Communication

Other Ways to Read Cat Body Language

When his tail is up, it can mean he is happy and feeling contented. If it is down, it can mean your feline friend is threatened or scared. Is his tail moving back and forth? It can mean he’s agitated.

How are cats using their ears to tell you something? If forward or slightly forward, he’s feeling playful or content. Are his ears straight up? It only means he’s alerted and standing up at attention.

Check his eyes and know what they mean. Do you notice dilated pupils? It can mean that he’s surprised, stimulated or scared. When showing constricted pupils, it might indicate he’s feeling aggressive.

If his eyes are blinking slowly, they might indicate that your pet is feeling safe and that he trusts you. But if his eyes are half closed, he might want to tell that he’s trusting and feeling relaxed.

Understanding Cat Body Language And Cat Communication
How To Communicate With Your Cat - The Cat Language Bible Review

Why Learn Cat Behavior Meaning?

Cats have different emotions just as humans do have. They feel sad, scared, frustrated, angry and happy, too. If you’re looking to raise a happy cat, you should learn how to recognize and understand their emotions through their body language and behavior.

By deciphering cat sign language, you can deepen your bond with each other as well as prevent any potential aggression or confrontation. And while it is not easy to understand cat behavior meaning, it can be figured out by learning what their body and sign language reveals.

Keep your cat contented and happy. Master these cat body language and cat behavior meanings and develop a better, higher quality relationship with him starting today!

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