Top 5 Best Cat Tree Kitty Condo For Your Fur Baby Reviews

(2020 Update)

If you’re a cat parent looking for the best cat tree for your kitty condo, then you have bumped into the right review detailing the top five products in the category. A cat tree is equipment that can let your kitty perch upon and climb up on it.

In the simplest term, it’s a post that has a platform on its top, but then there are many types of them available on the market. They look stunning and elaborate; some even have cat toys, hiding holes, platforms and perches. Check out the following for the top best cat tree now.

Top 5 Best Cat Climber Kitty Condo

1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 62 Inch High

Top 5 Best Cat Tree For Your Kitty Condo Review

This cat playhouse tree is one of the best cat tree on the market. It works so well that it could keep your cat off your home furniture.

Your feline friend will love it because it has many posts, where your cat can perch upon so that you can prevent him from scratching your precious furniture. In addition, it has many baskets and perches, letting your cat relax and take a nap in the soft faux fur cover.

This cat climber is beige in color and has dimensions of 38 x 27 x 62 inches LWH. It is solid and compact that you can keep it in the corner. The condominium size is 10.5 x 12.5 inches (diameter, height, while the top perch has overall dimensions of 13.25 x 13.25 x 2.75 inches (WLH).

You should get it for your feline friend if you want to keep him active and entertained. It can help him get enough of exercise by climbing up and down and running around the cat tree. In short, the Go Pet Club Cat Tree can help your kitty stay active and healthy.


  • Compressed wood board material.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Comes complete with the tools and instruction manual.
  • Sisal rope covered posts.
  • Promotes cat health and well being.

2. Armarkat Classic Cat Tree Playhouse B5301 Ivory

Top 5 Best Cat Tree For Your Kitty Condo Review

This kitty condo is another that makes it on this list because of its solid and compact construction and build. It is a unit meant for improving your feline friend’s health by keeping him active through climbing and exercising.

It is also a great cat tree that promotes better sleep and prevents your cat from scratching your furniture. The cat tree also has an elegant design and appearance, so it can complement any home decoration. 

In addition, this unit is built with pressed wood plus faux fleece covering, making it attractive for your feline companion.

This Armarkat Classic Cat Playhouse is also easy to set up and assemble. It also includes all the tools you need to set it up and the manual containing the steps to follow.

This cat tree is also from a brand known for making high quality pet beds and cat trees. It is also known for affordability, style, endurance and innovation. If you’re looking for a pet-friendly and pet-centric unit, you might want to consider this kitty playhouse for your pet.


  • Pet-friendly.
  • Promotes your pet’s well being and health.
  • Reliable brand.
  • Durable and solid.
  • Keep your pet active and entertained.

3. Go Pet Club Cat Climbing Tower

Top 5 Best Cat Tree For Your Kitty Condo Review

Are you looking for a slim and simple cat climbing tower? If so, you might want to consider this unit. It has a narrow and elegant design that fits even small spaces. So if you’re living in an apartment or a condominium, you might want to check this out.

This unit also works perfectly for older cats because it has a solid base, which prevents it from wobbling. With it, even a larger cat can jump and perch upon it.

This Go Pet Club Cat Tree is one of the most affordable units offered by the brand. However, the simple design of the kitty play tree might not be ideal if you have a very playful cat. But you can keep him engaged and active by hanging cat toys on the tree.

That’s what many pet owners choose to do. When it comes to the carpet texture, it is pleasing and soft. Your cat might love sleeping on it or rubbing against it. The unit also has an elegant color, so it looks classy.

Upon assembly, you will also notice that it does not feel or look flimsy or cheap. Regarding the entire structure, the cat tree is solid and sturdy versus other cat towers on the market. It also has this triangle space at its bottom for support and stability to keep your cat feeling secure.

Some owners who have a heavier cat do not have to worry about the unit wobbling when their pet jumps on it. This is one of the best cat tree for large cats.


  • Elegant design and classy color.
  • Easy to assemble and includes the tools and instructions needed.
  • Does not feel and look cheap.
  • Solid and durable.
  • Mouse toy included.

4. FEANDREA 67″ Multi Level Kitty Condo with Scratching Post Pad

This FEANDREA unit has a multi-level design, which makes it look elegant and stylish. The maker has built it with big houses, soft perches and scratching posts. It also has cute toys that your feline friend will appreciate.

The cat tree condo provides kitties a great place for playing and resting. In addition, it has natural sisal covering, sharpening the claws of your pet. The unit also has different posts, which can keep him engaged and active, preventing him from scratching your furniture as well.

It can also keep your cat safe for its top edges, while its soft perch can help him relax and sleep. This kitty condo product also has two condo houses, which can provide your cat with a place to sleep or rest for his/her privacy.

Regarding stability, the FEANDREA cat tree comes with a safety strap for its stability and baseboard for more strength. The unit also has a ball with a bell, which can provide him with more ways to play.

Additional features include a feline-friendly soft plush, which is extra thick. It is resistant to wear and is comfortable for the cat to use.


  • Multilayered.
  • 2 large condo houses.
  • Sisal covered posts.
  • Stable for its CARB certified particleboards.
  • Battens at the bottom for added stability.

5. TRIXIE Baza Cat Tree With Hammock

Top 5 Best Cat Tree For Your Kitty Condo Review

This cat hammock can offer your pet an endless opportunity to stay active! He can play, relax or scratch to his heart’s content.

In addition, he may also be able to sharpen his claws in one of the scratching posts included in the hammock. With these posts, you don’t have to worry about your pet scratching your carpet or furniture.

The cat tree is a great alternative outlet for your pet to satisfy his scratching instincts. All the posts are covered with natural sisal. The TRIXIE cat tree also offers a retreat because it comes with a hammock, which has a plush material on it inside and outside.

For added support, the unit also comes with a metal rim. In addition, your feline friend can also enjoy it further with the pom-pom toy inside.

Regardless if your cat is large or small, this unit can suit him. This product includes a one-year warranty, so you can have peace of mind in case something bad happens to it.


  • Scratching posts wrapped in natural sisal.
  • Added support with the hammock’s metal rim material.
  • Unit wrapped in soft and comfortable plush fabric material.
  • Comes with a pom-pom toy.

Final Thoughts

As a cat parent, you want nothing but the best for him, and that’s one of the benefits of getting a cat climber for your pet. To get your hands on the right best cat tree, compare the above options based on their size, features, stability, materials and overall construction. Hope this article has helped you pick the best cat climbing tower for your beloved kitty.

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